BTF Members


Safe is a Research Fellow at the London Centre for Nanotechnology and UCL. He has been involved in various outreach activities (STEM taster days) during his PhD at UCL and part of the team that initiated the work of helping young refugee, forced migrant and asylum-seeking students through summer schools at UCL from 2018.


Massimiliano (Max) is a Research Fellow at the London Centre for Nanotechnology working on using diamond to make sensors. He first helped with the summer school in 2018 and has since been involved with the science teaching team, contributing to create exciting experiments for the students!


Muslihah is a social researcher, working on projects relating to social equalities and education. She is part of the Science team and has been teaching IT lessons as part of the summer school since 2018.


Halima is a writer and editor based in London, with a particular interest in popular culture and sustainability. A Natural Sciences graduate, she has supported the summer school with the IT and science lessons.


Dounia did her PhD in nano-biotechnology at the London Centre for Nanotechnology and she now works for a global health not-for-profit. She joined the Science teaching team during the 2019 summer school and co-organised the 2021/2022 online mentoring scheme.


Jumana is an associate teaching fellow and a PhD candidate at UCL’s Institute of Education, researching the learning of Syrian refugee students in the UK and how it is being shaped by trajectories of social justice and belonging. She has an extensive teaching experience and has been part of the English team since 2018.

BTF Operations


Jack is a Physics PhD student in the London Centre for Nanotechnology and ISIS Neutron and Muon Source. His research involves enhancing the memory of computer systems by increasing the efficiency of spintronic devices. He started working for BtF in 2021 as a mentor and then joined the operations team in 2022 to run student/mentor communication and applications.


Guillermo is a Biophysics PhD student at the London Centre for Nanotechnology working on immunological synapses and pore-forming protein assembly. He is part of the operations team organising the summer school and mentoring programme and led the DNA extraction class at the summer school.


Hector is a PhD student working between the condensed matter and material physics (CMMP) group and electrochemical innovation lab (EIL) at UCL. His research is primarily focused on modifying disordered carbons for electrochemical devices. He first joined BTF as a mentor in 2021 and co-organised and taught in the 2022 summer school.


Adila is a PhD student who splits her time between Imperial College London and University College London, working on sensing carbon monoxide using nanoparticles for biological applications. She first joined the BtF team as part of the organising team for their 2022 summer school and is now part of the mentoring programme.


Eva is a PhD student as part of CDT in Advanced Characterisation of Materials at UCL, working on the manipulation of low-dimensional nanomaterials. She joined the organising team for the 2022 summer school and the mentoring programme.

Friends of BTF

Michael Beaney, Maeve McLaughlin, Jonathan Fouchard, Ana Lisica, Alex, Marie-Laure Hicks, Kumail Kermalli, George Walker, Laurence (Laurie) Sgroi

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