Online Mentoring

The Story

In 2021, Bridging the Future started its Online Mentoring scheme, to keep providing support to young forced migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, while face-to-face programmes have been discontinued due to COVID-19.

What We Do

The Online Mentoring scheme is delivered by STEM, IT and English mentors in weekly 1-2-1 sessions or small group sessions. The volunteer mentors do not only help students with their homework, they also help them advancing their STEM and English knowledge, tailoring each session to the student’s needs.

Our volunteer mentors go the extra mile to help mentees pursue their goals, by helping them with CV, cover letters and university application.

The scheme runs from October until March. The 2022/2023 Online Mentoring Scheme is now finished.

The 2022-23 Online Mentoring scheme in numbers

The 2021-22 Online Mentoring scheme in numbers


students enrolled




subject taught

(STEM, English, IT)


sessions delivered

What participants say

“I have got a lot of experience and learned the things and learned the things I don’t know before. It’s a good opportunity in general.”

― STEM Student

[the programme] increase my academic ability and provide more chances.

― STEM Student

“The organisation was slick!”

― Volunteer mentor

 “It’s a great programme and clearly has a big impact on the students.”

Volunteer mentor

“Following the students journey, learning about new topics every week and getting excited about Science/English was great. The mentors went above and beyond to help their students, including with their application to University.

Volunteer moderator

 “Excellent concept to have gotten up and running, thank you for all your hard work!”

― Volunteer mentor
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